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Scorched Kingdoms

Enough Talking, Let the Games Begin

I never thought I would say this, but the wait might finally be over. No, the Kickstarter has not started, don’t worry. But many of the things you guys have been asking for are now available. I’ll have links to everything at the end of the blog.

Now, to discuss where I keep vanishing to.

I have recently moved a lot of my focus to BoardGameGeek for this last stretch of marketing. I’m hoping this will help to build a more hands on community moving forward. This has a lot to do with my absence on social media and the blog. It has been a long journey to discover what social outlets work best for each type of post, and I have had a difficult time keeping up with each one as my focus switched to another. I know a few people showed concern that the Scorched Kingdoms was falling apart after my last couple posts, I’m here to let everyone know it is the complete opposite.

Earlier this year I attempted to fund the game through Kickstarter, but I now see I was nowhere near prepared. The game was enjoyable, and looked great, but I had not exposed it to the world like I should have. It was an incomplete project, and I let my bias and love for the game blind me to all of its shortcomings. Over the last 7 months, the game and instructions have been reworked 5 more times. I’ve reached a point where only fresh eyes and minds can evolve it from here.

Click image to visit old page

Hard copies of the game have been created for reviewing and testing purposes, but with the remaining time before the relaunch, I want you to be my fresh sets of eyes and make sure it is truly ready to go. My main focus is spreading the word through every channel I have at my fingertips. Exposure is still lacking, and I need to spend every minute getting the Scorched Kingdoms on more radars. To make sure the game keeps growing, I’ve set up a thread on BoardGameGeek for all the fans to review everything created and test the game, with print-and-play demos.

It’s important I start opening all aspects of the game now. After the Kickstarter, updates are going to be collaborated on by me and the SK fans. If all goes as planned, the groups that are established will someday become the think tanks that make the game much more in the future. It has always been the plan to spend these past two years creating a foundation and then the next ones will be spent creating the experience. To make this dream a reality, we first need to beat the hurdle known as Kickstarter.

Luckily, moving forward things are pointing toward a much more successful launch this time around. My email list of interested people has increased greatly, and the followers on every social media site have continuously grown by a solid percentage. On top of slowly building a following, the game itself has so much more going for it. I have been able to add in a lot of items that were only available as stretch goals before, and I believe I will be able to lower the Kickstarter price from its prior $45-$50 value to closer to $25-$30. It took months to find the right manufacturers for everything, but I think I’ve finally put together the best group.

Thank you for continuing to be patient and understanding while I faced off with this intense learning curve. I still have a lot of mistakes to make, but I think I’m getting close to the top of the first hill. I appreciate everything you guys have done to help more than you know. I would have never made it this far without your support. I hope all of our combined work will end up being enough to make something great.

As always, I’ll talk to you again soon. Until then, don’t forget to visit the testing thread through the link below.

I don’t want to promise anything, but I’m hoping to announce the next launch date very soon.

Below is the link to my BoardGameGeek thread!

Click the image to visit my Scorched Kingdoms player test thread!
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Joe Rozier
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