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Meet the Mystery Known as Joe Rozier

I would like to start by saying hello and welcome to my future wiki page.

Im also going to preface this whole thing, with the fact that english is, and always has been, my worst subject. Also, the sixth grader I wanted to edit this for me was too expensive. So if you are really bored, I invite you to help. ;)

Now that we both have everything on the table, I guess I'll get to the good stuff- after I tell you a little more about me.

I was born and raised in the well known city of St. Louis, Missouri. For those that live here, I went to Mehlville High School. If you aren't from around here, that won’t make much sense to you, but the first question between two St Louisians is always, “Where did you go to high school?" Other then that, to fit in around here, just remember to say you love Imo's pizza and toasted ravioli.

So that's that.

Nothing else life changing happened during the first 18 years of my life, so I think that covers a good deal of my childhood. Reading back, it also paints somewhat of a sad story. But just you wait, the plot thickens.

The next level of this game brings us to college. I finally made it out of St. Louis, traveling all the way to Columbia, Missouri where I attended Mizzou, a whopping 2 hours away. I went in wanting to be an anesthesiologist (keeping my goals high).

To my surprise, 4 years later I would graduate with a Bachelors in Psychology, a Minor in Sociology, and a Multicultural Certificate- whatever that means. I do have to say, there were a couple of big events during this time that should get a line or two in the story.

Between all of my vigorous studying and building of my athletic prowess, I met a girl. Soon after that I had a girlfriend; the beautiful and brilliant Michelle Klein. You will have to read a little further to hear the end of that story, but believe me it's worth it.

Michelle and I

The other big game changer during these 4 years came in the formation of a ragtag group of friends. Many of them were my group from high school, and even back to elementary school, but now we were a pack. We lived and travelled together pretty much everywhere. Most of the time, that just meant the dining hall, or maybe the gym. What we didn't know, is how the creative fortitude of one friend would change our lives forever.

By this, I mean the birth of the Youtube channel Daveanddaves. There might even be a couple of you that found your way here because of that channel. This is where, for a brief period of time, I became the hardly famous rapper, Joe Diesel. With our first video, Mizzou Rap, we won the iLife competition at Mizzou. Slowly, we moved into rapping about more important topics: Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario Kart to name a few.

We thought we would change the world, reaching 3 million views on one of our masterfully made videos, which I will link below. Sadly, our stardom was cut short, and we had to find our way back into the real world. Remember the name Joe Diesel, it has relevance later on.


After graduation, most of us made our way back to St. Louis. Here, I would go back to school, getting my Master of Business Administration. During this time, I also pulled something right out of “The Notebook”, for those of you who know anything about that movie.

I built a house for the woman I love.

When I say built, it was more like inherited a house that was falling apart, and I used my construction skills to fix it up a bit. Mostly just following YouTube videos. The important part is we had a place to call home, with a good portion of that created by these hands.

If you have not caught on yet, Michelle (named above) and I had moved in together, and she had become Michelle Rozier. There were a couple years in there that I skipped over, but I'm a condenser, I like keeping the puzzle to 100 pieces or less.

I thought I had it all: a beautiful wife, a 1,000 sq ft home, two amazing children (really just our dogs, Cooper and Max), and a very lackluster bank job. I was soaring through life, but that lackluster job started to drag on and within a month of my wife getting a new job, I quit mine to start my own business.

Me and my two boys. (Cooper left) (Max right)

I'll bet you think that is my lead into Dieselator Games and the creation of the Scorched Kingdoms. But you'd be wrong, so let's continue.

This was the creation of Gravity Consulting LLC, my first, and current, company. It is a business consulting and talent analytics company, aimed at increasing the efficiency of businesses. It has been about a year since I started, and I can happily say we got off the ground, and have taken on a few of our first clients. Now, it was not the cleanest take off, and, believe me, this plane is wobbling up and down everyday, but we are slowly ascending.

I found that with all the joy of building a company, there is much more stress than people like to advertise. When talking about a company that wants to be tech based in the future, you are also talking about finding a lot of man power and money.

The moral of this chapter is: with all the love I have for Gravity, it brings a lot of stress and anxiety, but I have found that creativity is the key to relieving most of that stress.

Now for the Climax.

Scorched Kingdoms came from many different places. I created fictional characters, and started writing stories about the strange world they lived in. I know it sounds kind of depressing, but the collection of stories was originally titled “Life of Purgatory”. Each of the stories were small pieces of the characters lives, leading up to the wars that Scorched Kingdoms is based off of.

While writing the stories, the game popped into my head off and on, as a visualization of the story I was telling.

I left out a small piece earlier: I have always been a big game/video game kind of guy, and could not pass up the chance to create something of my own, especially when it was right there slapping me in the face.

After playing around with it in my free time for awhile, I decided it was a brilliant idea and I would be a terrible person if I didn't share it with the rest of the world. So what else was a guy in my position to do?

And so, Dieselator Games was born.

Now I know what you're thinking, what's with the name? Over the last few years, I have been unable to separate myself completely from the child still inside of me, that still believes he is Joe Diesel. This inability to disassociate with the child within me, made it so I only had one choice.

Dieselator, the name I use for so many characters in video games, was the creative presence I needed, and has become the name of the company and brand.  

Look at that, you made it!

I think you are pretty much caught up on my life to this point. Counting the time spent writing, I would say the game has been in progress for around 13 months. I am hoping to have it on Kickstarter by the end of the month, but its looking like the end of February is a lot more obtainable.

I know that I didn't really dig into the Scorched Kingdoms like most of you were hoping, I thought I would just lead you on for awhile and have you read about me and the work that has gone in to Scorched Kingdoms thus far.

Some of the next posts will include a more in-depth look at the world of Ethalios, what to expect in the Kickstarter coming out soon, and the future expectations. I will also go over general rules, and how to play, and will probably link a video of a test run of the game for everyone.

If you have any questions you want answered in a post, let me know and I will work them in.

Thanks for spending some time with me, and welcome to the SK family. If you would like updates when new posts come out, just click on the “contact us” above or Subscribe below, and send me an email with a little bit about yourself.

I am also all over the world through the magic of social media, so if there are any apps you use often, come say hi!

Hope to see you again soon.

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Joe Rozier
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