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Hey guys!

Thought I would start to dive into the background of the Kickstarter video most of you have seen the preview of. If you haven't seen it yet, go check out the Facebook page as soon as you finish reading. It will all be tied together by the end of the Kickstarter.

Lets dive in!

It all started with 11 men and a large mistake. See these men all believed that they should rule the kingdoms, and like all men do, they went to war over this belief. Killing millions, destroying all the lands they fought to own, until there were only 11 men left on the continent of Ethalios. The men had forsaken everything they fought to protect and had nothing but their gods to plead to.  

How could they believe these gods were real, would they let little men like themselves ruin the entire world? Yet they prayed and swore to change everything.

Three lights appeared, not as any kind of figure just light. They told the men with a complete sacrifice each of their nations could be created once again, but that they would never be kings and would forever have to watch as their people live in the shadow.  

This made no sense to the men, but they agreed to any terms. It was then that 11 jagged crystals appeared before them. They were told it must be a complete sacrifice once again, that they must die by the crystal they now hold.

The first man was always the most fierce of the kings. He plunged the crystal into his stomach as it filled with red and almost looked as though to burst into flames. This man did everything with fury. It made him courageous but uncontrollable. He was the one to believe this world needed to be burned to the ground and reborn, until the day he saw what it would truly bring. From his death the Fuerion Nation was born. The keepers of fire and worshippers of blood, powered by the sun itself.

The second man was small in stature, barely looked like much more then a lost boy. He was the son of the king that started this war and wanted to be the one to finish it. Adventure was his life and he was full of compassion, but he had lost sight of that. As he stabbed the object into his chest a gust of wind picked him up, leaving the crystal behind. It was a majestic teal and forever spinning from that gust of wind. The Swiften people would be the protector of this cyclone crystal, gliding through the skies of the north. Quicker then all others, but also the most delicate in the land.

Next was the man of the wild. Him and his people were at best nomads. Never had much of their own but were willing to fight for the land and its principal. As he died the earth finally took him back as he was consumed by the dirt beneath his feet. His crystal being consumed by a giant tree. This land and its people would now make up the Donzio forest. A natural world where all live together, but never have anything of their own.

The fourth man was the captain of the sea, and was not going to die on land. He walked to the water and with the crystal in hand walked to the bottom of the ocean. His crystal glowing blue washed away to the islands near by. These would forever be known as the Sivantia Isles. The people of the water, some in it, some on it. They would never feel at home on land and would have an unquenchable thirst not only for water but of all things.

The next two were actually brothers who had both decided they were the rightful kings and became bigger enemies than all the others. They look at one another and with one embrace they fell to the ground, both crystals rolling to the side. One buried by sand to be taken to the Gragosco mountains. Where the people were emotionless. They were bread to fight and were the strongest of all, but with lack of speed to their feet and their minds, they would learn to use this strength to level buildings, not armies. The other crystal was covered in scales and carried away by a small lizard with wings, never to be seen again to this day.

Now the man no one ever saw coming or maybe the most obvious. A priest who decided that there was only one way this world should work. He knelt to the ground said a prayer and with a single tear, fell to the ground with a glowing yellow crystal. He was a man of infinite passion and belief, which was too much for a man to carry. His people will forever follow and try to see the light in things. They will always have the curse of believing too much and wanting the right thing so bad, that they wont be able to see when it is wrong. Brinnshin will be a holy land where people will come to learn and hopefully guide themselves in the end.

Then was the old man, he was as smart as they come but was close to dying already. This man lead an army but had no land for them to go back to and did not know what his sacrifice would bring. He asked the gods to create a place for his people that would let them learn to make their own mistakes and choose if they want to be a part of this broken world. The gods agreed as the old man seemed to age years in seconds. His crystal floating in a bright purple aurora, suddenly vanishing in a blink of an eye. It is said that an entire island appeared in the distance at that moment and disappeared again in the next.

The last three men stood their knowing they would be joining the others in mere moments. The man that got into this war for maybe the best reasons went next. He was the dreamer and was brought up by the people for the people, because of the one fact that he did not want to lead. He did not ask his people to fight for him, or die for him. For this they believed in him and he was more than ready to remind them why. When he died his crystal glowed silver and was carried off by some of the very people who looked up to him. Galalin would be of the valiant and true of heart, doubt would always trouble these people though. Belief in others is easy, but in oneself is sometimes one of the hardest tasks in the world.

Next the man who wanted the biggest kingdom in the world was ready to give up on that dream. As he was about to push himself into the afterlife, the last man launched his crystal into the back of the king of kingdoms. See this last man was filled with hate and fear. He did not care about his people and wanted to be the last one left if it meant being the only one.

As the sinister man was walking away the king pulled the crystal out of his back and jabbed it into the sinister man. Both dropping to the ground. The sinister mans crystal filled black as night. His crystal and people would have to live in the constant hate that he felt. Not on these lands but of their own, where all they could do is look at the rest of the world and see what they will never have. They would forever be split of mind, body, and soul.

That last man just laid there trying to reach for his crystal just like the kingdom that was so close but always out of reach. He finally got to it just to see it shattered in 3 pieces. He plunged the pieces into his heart to follow all the others, but in vein. He just laid there until the end. The Deviician Provence would be the largest of them all but will never have a binding crystal of any power. The people of this nation would have to find their own way, and work to build something that they might never have.

This is the day the Scorched Kingdoms were born. What happened next is how they ended…

There will be plenty more coming soon. Sorry I disappeared for a week! I won't let it happen again.

See you guys later and don't forget to subscribe below!

Written by
Joe Rozier
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