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Scorched Kingdoms

Scorched Kingdoms: The Basics

Glad to see you returned! I must not have bored you too much yet. So, let's dig into the Kickstarter game.

First off, what exactly is the Scorched Kingdoms game that everyone is talking about?

Scorched Kingdoms is a strategic deck builder that pits 2 clans against each other, in a battle to overwhelm and capture the others throne. Clans are comprised of character cards, equipment cards, and environment cards, with unlimited combinations to defeat the opponent.

Each clan has their own resources that they gain throughout the battle. These are used to create, build, or summon greater characters, or support cards from the tier deck.

While each deck, and clan, has its own path to victory and many future expansions that can change strategies at a moment’s notice, there are also the Boundless. These are the clans and people that left their nations. They fight for gold over resources, making them an addition to any army looking to get the advantage over their opponent, and fill any weaknesses their clan may have.

I could go on and on about the exact rules and strategies of the game, but then what would there be to write on the Kickstarter page? Instead, I thought I would add a short video to break up all this reading material, covering some of the pieces in the box.


There's a lot more to learn, but I don't want to overload you already.

Now that we got all of that out of the way, let's talk about the first 4 clans.

The Soulless

The Soulless are of the Monger Realm. They call the third, and most southern island home; separated from mind and body due to past sins of their leader. This army is one of the quickest and most aggressive of the clans. They have unique the ability to make minions, and/or souls, when one of their own is killed, bringing an onslaught of unending waves.

The resource tokens generated by this deck, are very different than those of the other clans. Instead of having a resource to strengthen, each token they create is a soul that can wander the field under your control. These souls can move, attack, or be consumed, to create their leaders, the godless themselves.

Sorcerers of Singe

The Sorcerers of Singe are ritualistic beings of the Fuerion Nation, hidden within the temples of TEOD. These Sorcerers have learned the power of blood and sacrifice, connecting them to each other as one. They can also summon the ancient abominations, created by hate and the bloodshed of war.

The Sorcerers use skills to function as a single system, spreading damage between characters, which allows for controlling the health levels of their army. By using blood tokens from battle and sacrifice of their own, they bring forth an abomination that levels up as it feeds on the weak that are blocking its way to the throne. They also can call upon the first blood sorcerers, from before the burning, to drain the life from their enemies.

Gearton Gnomes

The Gearton Gnomes of the Devii Nation are the architects of this world. They have had a hand in most of the structures and technology built in the last 20 years. While no member of the Devii nation has essence, or powers, these tiny guys have found a way to construct armor, buildings, and most of all, Titans, which can be powered by, and can even harness the essence of other nations.

Most of the time, the gnomes start out a little more defensive, doing anything to obtain construction tokens. This can be done through scavenging, reverse-engineering, or erecting machines that aid in the speed of finding components. The gnomes are the highest utility deck, and once you gain enough tokens, your options open up immensely. You have the choice of building Gear-knight armor, which adds essence powers to gnomes, creating city buildings within your kingdom to add bonuses to multiple gnomes, or constructing giant Titans, to help run the field.


The last deck in our Kickstarter, is still being decided on by our followers. It is between four other decks created so far:

"Shining Destiny" of the Brinnshin Nation, Followers of the Trigods.

"Wandering Weeds" of the Donzio Nation, Cultivators of the Land.

"Surging Seas" of the Sivantia Isles, Thieves of the Sea.

"Tormentors" of Brutal Bay, Hunters of the Forsaken.

These 4 armies make up the first clans of the Scorched Kingdoms game. Each has an expansion already in the works. There is also a hidden 5th deck that could make an appearance before the end of the Kickstarter.

I hope this helped to show you a glimpse into my world, and show you a bit of what to expect in the soon to come Kickstarter. There are still many things to discover, and I hope you will join me there to see just how far we can go on this journey together.

I’m hoping to start blogging twice a week beginning in February. That way, I can work on updating all of the categories for the site, and can hopefully give everyone some behind the scene info on how things are going during the Kickstarter.

If anything that I covered here didn't make sense, or you just have other questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I love hearing back from everyone, and meeting the people that are making this whole thing possible.

As always, you can find me pretty much anywhere. Check out some of our other apps to get a better look at what we have accomplished so far.

See you again soon, and don't forget to Subscribe!

Written by
Joe Rozier
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