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Scorched Kingdoms

The Champion System

I wanted to talk about the newest feature of the Scorched Kingdoms Game, the Champion System.

I do have to add in a disclaimer before you read further. This is a feature that will be in the game in the near future, but depending on how the Kickstarter goes, it may not be included in the first edition of the game.

Champions are special characters that will not go into any of the current decks in the game. Instead of being listed under any of the T1-T3+ systems, they will have a Champion symbol and be placed separately on the mat at the start of a battle.

These characters will have one of two different types of skills. If it is passive, it can be used from their starting position on the mat and does not need to be deployed to activate. Most times this skill will have a cost to activate, and most passive skills will mainly have a support role. Even if the character is considered passive, it will still have a deployment method for other reasons that I will touch on below.

The other type, I'm sure you can guess, is aggressive. To activate this skill the character will have to be deployed to the war zone and many times there will be a cost on top of that to activate. The upside is, most characters with aggressive skills will be able to greatly sway the battle in your favor, if successfully deployed.

Now the real customization comes into play. While you will be looking for a Champion that fits your play style, what really determines how the Champion interacts during a battle is the equipment and essence you attach to it.

Each character will be able to have 8 Support Cards equipped at the beginning of a battle. Each slot has a required type of card as listed below:

1 Helmet

1 Armor set

1 Weapon

1 Secondary Weapon/Item

1 Runic Landscape

3 Essence Skills

There will be many choices for each slotted type, with more coming out with each expansion. There is no right combination of items, players have the ability to customize and create endless different strategies.

The 8 support cards will have varying effects that may change stats, improve skills, or evolve the way you design your entire deck. Some will be listed as passive or aggressive as well, so you might find yourself with aggressive support cards on a passive Champion. This designs early and late game strategies.

Sadly, I can’t go into much more detail on the slotted items; there needs to be a few surprises left when the game comes out. I will continue to update you guys on this new system as the Kickstarter page goes up, and we get closer to the final production.

The only problem right now, as I warned above, is this feature will not be 100% complete at the beginning of the Kickstarter. I might not be able to include it in the base game, so there may either be a deluxe edition that has a later release, or I may design it as a stretch goal. That way I can squeeze in a little extra wiggle room to speed up the process.

I’m still working on the numbers and figuring out what it would take to get things done more effectively.

All-in-all, I am extremely excited about these new features and have been getting great feedback so far. The Champion system fits well into my long-term goals for the game, and helps lead into the custom features I want to eventually have added to the game, such as having people create their own Champions from scratch through our website with a print-and-play design.

This new design will not affect the Kickstarter reboot date. It is something I am working on to add at the beginning, but I am not willing to push the date back any farther for at this time.

I look forward to seeing what you guys think, and will keep you updated as I move forward with this system.

As always, I’ll talk to you guys later.

Don’t forget to join me on social media, and keep up with the Scorched Kingdoms Game!

Written by
Joe Rozier
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